Neuromyths — The Urban Legends of Classroom Teaching (Science, People!!!)

I’m pretty sure that most of us in higher ed have left lecture teaching behind a long time ago. As an ESL instructor working with language, we are taught to use a variety of mediums to teach language. We often get students out of their seats, use video to supplement instruction on a particular topic and encourage use of the language more than anything else. We use multiple forms in instruction to engage the various types of learning styles. To explore some common ideas about this, try the poll below.



Multiple learning styles. I have heard that so often — WE have heard that so often — that you would be considered out of touch if that method wasn’t safely packed away with your other teaching techniques in your teacher toolkit. However, there is no evidence that there is any such thing as multiple learning styles. That’s right. One of your techniques that you use without thinking has no evidence in the research.

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