Assessments or Facebook? Decisions, Decisions

Who would have known that the subject of assessments wasn’t boring? It sounds dreadful, doesn’t it? A whole class all about testing. I hated tests, I was crappy at tests, and as a grade school student, I failed many, many tests. I pretty much avoided assessments as a class as long as I could, until it was required of me in my very last semester at Michigan State. Then came the light.

I came to understand that assessments are about structuring your lessons and teaching so that students are learning effectively. A large part of that is awareness of where your students are in their learning process and using that information to adjust your teaching accordingly. Assessments are more about the process of learning than about gathering information for grades. And I love that.

The effective part steps in when you use assessments to give students more information about their work that they will hopefully use. This comes in the form of feedback of some sort. I know that the teachers reading this are familiar with quality, effective assessment, but a refresher never hurt anyone. And for those of you that aren’t teachers, it’s always something good to know.

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