Who Am I?

I started out this blog with the intention of looking into research and bringing a creative, unique perspective to it. So if you look through old posts, you may find some of that. More recently, I’ve needed to shift my focus to something that is more sustainable for me. That means it could be anything. It’ll likely be related to my profession: teaching. Or it might be about my research topic: trauma-informed online learning. Or it might be about something I’m learning in my program at school: Educational Technology and Learning Design. It should all be about learning or education though.

Things have changed, of course, since I first started this blog and here is updated info. I’m a graduate of Michigan State University’s Master’s in Education Technology (MAET) program. I also have a couple of other degrees in Linguistics and English. (English! Not grammar. Don’t judge me.) I have taught ESL in higher ed for many years in exotic places like China and a border town in Mexico. And, also, in slightly less exotic places like . . . wait for it . . . Iowa. I had a brief fling with a desk job — never again —  as an Instructional Design Coordinator. I am now living it up in Vancouver, Canada at Simon Fraser University in their PhD program for Educational Technology and Learning Design.

I’m also available for consultations. I have helped teachers integrate technology into their lessons, and I have helped design online classes. Please see my portfolio for examples of my work: Suzanne Reinhardt — Educational Technologist.