Technology Professional Development Isn’t for Cowards

Ok, let’s talk professional development with technology – I’m looking at you my future employer! I’m just not sure what to say about the structure of professional development, never mind the specific focus on technology. My experience in higher ed is that there isn’t much structure to PD. I have been lucky to get funds to work on this, but I’m pretty motivated when it comes to expanding my knowledge of my field. I have never worked in the development side, though. I’ve only been on the teachin’ side.

However, the idea of a structured plan just plain makes me giddy. Structure, organization, planning? What more could a girl want? With this new article titled, “Professional Development of Teachers and Effective Technology Use” (2014) Tilak Kumar Sharma gives us something to work with. Our author has some insightful ideas. Many points that are made support our teachers with more time and resources, rather dumping more free work on them.

I also think having a plan – aside from me geeking out by having organization – does seem to be more effective. A plan can foresee obstacles and prevent them. A plan can create an environment which allows everyone to be aware of expectations. No surprises. You have goals for your class, why wouldn’t you have the same for your PD?

Tilak has given us specific aspects of a technology professional development that would be effective. Here they are in a video.

Some things to think on:

  1. Do you know if your school has a technology professional development plan?
  2. What particular benefits would a plan have for your school?
  3. Would you benefit from this?

Tools I used:

Free Music Archive for the music.

iMovie for the video.

Pixaby for the photos and videos.


Tilak, K. S. (2014). Professional Development of Teachers and Effective Technology Use. International Journal of Educational Research and Technology, 5(3), 51-55. DOI: 10.15515/ ijert. 0976-4089.5.3.51-55

As always, thanks to Mark for proofreading.

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